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Not the worst thing you’ll see today

This site is to showcase work by K. P. Redmond.  The general idea is to learn how to write a decent novel by publishing a chapter at a time on this site.  Pull down to the webpage with the chapter from the website menu on the upper right, Dust: the book>Chapter x.

I welcome feedback on the chapters, both positive and negative.  The blog posts allow comments, so leave your comments on the blog post that goes with the chapter you have comments on.  I appreciate it!

I’m still learning to use WordPress to maintain the site so it may change its appearance from time to time.

5 thoughts on “First Post”

    1. Thanks Trish! It’s tricky–you have to choose images that are royalty-free or you run into copyright violations; that image just happened to be OK to use. Yea, it’s the classic scream scene from ‘Psycho’.

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I read chapter 1 Thursday and really enjoyed it. Some suggestions: I thought that in the immediate aftermath of the cave in there was an opportunity to further develop Yuuta’s character with a more extensive soul searching, gut checking introspective/retrospective. Did he feel any concern for his coworkers in spite of their animosity? As the guy nominally responsible for supporting the roof, was there any regret/ self doubt that his protest of the work pace was to little to late? Was there schadenfreude that a comeuppance had befallen his antagonists? Could he anticipate being stuck with the blame and/or that he was doomed to continue and reinforce his fathers legacy? You may also wish to develop Yuuta’s character more slowly, just sayn’ the opportunity is there.
    Also I thought the word “backfill” a bit awkward to apply to jacks (unless it’s actual mining jargon). I think of the word applying to voluminous materials like dirt or gravel. How about “backset jacks” or “fill in with jacks” (as in substitute).
    The story and your writing style are both very engaging . Well done!

    1. Thanks Jay, I really appreciate that. Yes, I think Straker would probably think about what happened, once the initial shock had subsided, so I’ll put in some of that. I did a search on the word “backfill” too, and from the results I think you’re right about that too. I’m posting chapter two today. Hope you’re doing well.

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