Chapter 11 Posted

allgoodCloseMan_smallIn Chapter 11, Straker learns more about the private heartache of the Doctors Kapoor and their dying daughter, Alia.  He also finds out much more about the mysterious entity that’s been communicating with the Allgood and hacking the servers back in Shacktown. Although he still doesn’t know what or who it is, things take a surprising turn down an even stranger path. Straker also learns a little more about Louis and just how deep his jock ways go.

Hope you’re all enjoying the chapters! I’m having fun posting them.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 11 Posted”

  1. Enjoying your story, Kevin! What happened to Alia. . .who is the mysterious “female” hacker. . .what’s up with Louis and his medical “study”???

    1. Hi Trish, hope you are well. Alia is suffering from a degenerative neurological disease—her prognosis is death. I know that sounds bad but remember this is a novel, so anything can happen. Originally I was going to give her juvenile Huntington’s (bwahaha) but I’ve come to the conclusion that when people start living off-Earth, they are likely to experience all kinds of physical ailments never seen before and which will take a long time to conquer. So I never name Alia’s disease. Louis’s case is related: one area of intense interest for the people in the novel is how to mitigate the effects of living in a low-G environment, with resulting loss of bone mass and musculature. They will research the problem and they will find solutions. But if they were to take those solutions a few steps further…
      The female hacker becomes a major character as the book develops. The analysis performed by Dr. Kapoor on her speech patterns is based off of a real-life website, I submitted a sample of my own writing, and it determined that I am 50.91% male. Obviously, this s*&^ don’t work.

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