Chapter 14 Posted

LoveAndOtherMetalsCoverSmallThe Kindle book is almost ready, and we have the cover art created by my son Joe.  I’ve re-arranged the menus on the website to better accommodate all the chapters–the single menu was getting too long to manage.  In Chapter 14, Straker and the crew land on the asteroid Hrothgar, and by ‘land’ I mean ‘blast harpoons into the rock to hold them the heck down.’  Asteroids don’t have much gravity, so the idea is to borrow techniques from fields such as mountain climbing and construction to make mining possible.  After they land, the crew sets up the mining apparatus and begins working around the clock to get as much material off of the asteroid as possible before their window closes.   Louis, having been shot down in his romantic advances towards Katya, is acting stranger than ever, and Straker is worried that he may be dangerous.  The mysterious female hacker, now calling herself Sophia, gives Straker a stern warning about the dangers of Hrothgar.  Sophia seems to know a lot about the asteroid and has been accurate up to now.

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