Chapter 15: A New Arrival

allgoodGoingAwayForSectionsI’ve got the complete book out there now as an Amazon Kindle book, check it out if you get a chance…it’s only 3 bucks!  Here’s the URL to the book:  What I found with Kindle publishing is that once you’re done with your book, you’re not done.  Formating the text to work in the Kindle hardware entails (in my case) writing directly in HTML, which I’ve done before but it’s been a long time.

In Chapter 15, Sophia has become a regular magpie, talking to Straker constantly now, but things get hairy on the asteroid.  The crew has been working around the clock while the big machines dig up the ore. They’re getting close to the end of their time window on Hrothgar and their cargo holds are almost full, when wouldn’t you know it, another ship shows up.  And it doesn’t look like it was built for mining.

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