Chapter 18: Straker doesn’t die after all

manInSpaceSuitOnAsteroidWell I told you anything can happen.  Straker comes back to consciousness and finally meets Sophia in the “flesh”.  She’s not at all what he expected, but she is his friend and together they start to find a way for Straker to make his way back to the Allgood.  Straker also gets some disturbing information about his father that changes his life.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 18: Straker doesn’t die after all”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I see where the intro to chapter 18 has been posted a few days now but the rest seems to be missing from the website. What’s up?


    1. Jay: Sorry about that. I had actually posted chapter 18 it didn’t show up on the menu for some reason. I fixed it. I had a lot of fun writing chapter 18, so I’m glad you’re still reading!

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