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man in the moonSo now you know about a lot about Straker’s issues.  He’s had a very rough upbringing and he’s stranded in a little town deep within the rim of Shackleton Crater with people that hate his guts. In Chapter 2 he gets tested in a different way.

Shackleton is located almost exactly at the moon’s south pole, and is believed to be a so-called “Crater of Eternal Darkness.” Because the temperature stays so low down there, it’s an excellent potential location for an infrared telescope.  That’s the theory anyway.

Here’s a page with some cool images from NASA about the crater.

To us, Shackleton Crater is an interesting and mysterious location on the moon, but to Straker it’s a dump.


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  1. Just finished Chapter 1 — what a great ride! A beautiful job, Kevin — it’s fast-paced and the story line is gripping, Straker is a very sympathetic and interesting main character, and the alternative world on Luna is interesting and understandable (no small feat to create and explain all that!).

    One thing stopped me at the beginning, but after that it really flowed. The stopper for me was your two sentences in the first paragraph about “goat cheese. Not a hard cheese neither….” I halted a moment in confusion, since goat cheese is not a hard cheese to start with, and then later I’m wondering how does this rough, apparently uneducated character on a desolate planet know about goat cheese? How about changing the first sentence to “… like a hot knife through soft cheese” and deleting the following one? That following sentence also delays the progress of the story a tick; we’re poised to get to machines cutting through the roof too fast, but taking a little detour about cheese instead. Maybe cheese “stinking like armpit” could be worked in somewhere later. 🙂

    Great, suspenseful ending to Chapter 1. I can’t wait to read Chapter 2!

    1. Hi Gaye, thanks for commenting, and thanks for the compliments. I was looking for a quick diversion from the story line as an amusing “decoration” before continuing on. I think Straker has a good breadth of knowledge about things within his world. There aren’t many kinds of food in Shacktown, and people have to do a lot of things for themselves–I’m going for a frontier society here. So cheese-making is not an esoteric skill for him. But you’re probably right, I’ll have to look again at the cheese metaphor. But just out of curiosity, are you saying that goat cheese cannot be made hard? I thought it was mostly a matter of pressing and aging. Thanks, K

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