Chapter 24: The End

With this chapter, the book is complete.  Thanks if you have been reading along, and if you have any ideas about how the story can be improved, please leave a comment.  I am tossing around ideas for a second book within the same fictional universe, since I’ve come to enjoy the characters from this book so much.  In a few weeks I’ll take down the posted chapters, except for a small sampling, and point people towards the Kindle book instead.  Then I think the blog will be stagnant for a while as I work on the next book.  Cheers!  KPR

3 thoughts on “Chapter 24: The End”

  1. Hi Kevin
    I enjoyed reading the conclusion of your book. I, of course, waited in suspense to see if Sophia would find a way to survive and was touched that she did so in conjunction with helping Alia.
    You may have already heard this, but some people who have undergone organ transplants report having strange new memories that have been attributed to the dead donor. Evidently, not all of consciousness, or at least memory is consolidated in the brain. So don’t be surprised if Sophia/Alia retains some Alia memories. I remember Paul the Small from your earlier book so it was cool that he made a reappearance. Good job resolving all the the many issues to a hopeful and satisfying conclusion.

    1. Thanks Jay. I had never heard about the memory thing, very interesting. Any idea where you read about that? I think that the new Alia-Sophia would have some of Alia’s memories, and some of Sophia’s vast knowledge. She’ll be an interesting character in the next book. So now that you’ve read the whole thing, were there any parts that were more exciting than others? One guy that read it said he had a hard time getting through the first chapter, but after that it became interesting to him. Did you find that too? Any other issues that you can think of? K

  2. Hi Kevin,
    I don’t remember where I first read about about memory transfer but you can just google Organ Donor Memory Transfer and several websites appear offering stories on the phenomenon. I thought that the launch into moon orbit was an exciting bit and Strakers unauthorized transmission leading up to the collision alarm was very suspenseful. I don’t recall having any difficulty with ch.1 other then what I’ve already stated; that I thought Straker would be eaten up with worry for his coworkers and his own liability. I think that with any book the first few pages are a slog until the characters and narrative advance enough to spark a spontaneous interest. I think I would tried to develop the characters and culture of the Malapert faction a bit more to make a conflict of philosophy a part of the back narrative. I really enjoyed the book and look forward to the sequel.

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