Chapter 3 Posted

dust_moon_map_smallIn Chapter 3, Straker learns the outcome of his testing, visits the Children’s Home, and makes a sketchy deal with the marshal.

I had a request for a map of the area; see the picture that goes with this post, which is based on a bastardized image from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.  Clicking on it should bring up a larger version.  Shackleton Crater is about 19 KM in diameter, and is located about 156 KM from Malapert Mountain.  Because Shackleton is right at the Moon’s south pole, all directions are north from there.  The moon’s coordinate system—AKA “selenographic” coordinates—are similar to Earth’s, with longitude and latitude as you would expect.  The prime meridian, which marks the 0 degrees angle of longitude, is in the center of the side of the Moon that faces Earth.

Hope you like the new chapter.

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