Chapter 5 Posted

Here’s Chapter 5. Straker learns more about the mission and gets to know his crewmates better, but his temper gets him in trouble. He gets a “promotion” to Captain of the Head. As a recruit in the Volusia County Lifeguard Corps back in the ’70’s, at one point I had the enviable daily job of emptying the “honey-pot” from the latrine at headquarters. So I’m writing from experience here. Life is better now!

4 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Posted”

  1. Hi, Kevin,
    I left a comment after Chapter 1 but it doesn’t seem to have saved. Hope this one does.
    This is great! Yuuta is a sympathetic character, the plot moves briskly along, and you’ve created a fascinating alternative world.
    My comment after Chapter 1 had just one quibble, with the sentence in the first paragraph about goat cheese and the sentence after it (“Not a hard cheese, neither”). It seemed distracting and held me up getting into the story. I thought you could just say “like a hot knife through soft cheese” and leave it that.
    I’m curious whether you pretty have the plot planned out or whether you are letting the story take you wherever it leads. Either way, it’s a great story so far and I look forward to the rest of it!

    1. Hi Gaye, hope all is well with you. Your previous comment did get saved, and I did respond and made some changes, but after a certain number of comments it falls off the “recent comments” list. You can see your previous comment next to the “Chapter 2 Posted” blog entry; go towards the left and click on comments. Each blog post has its own comment list. Most people have been commenting to “Chapter 1 Posted” blog entry, regardless of the chapter their comments are associated with. The original idea is to read the chapter, then comment on the blog post associated with that chapter, although it doesn’t really matter–it’s not like I get so many comments that I can’t keep them straight. And yes, I’ve already plotted out the whole thing but it’s TOP SECRET. Bwaa Ha Ha!

  2. Has Straker gone from the frying pan into the fire? Social complexities and the various personalities, as well as the technical aspects of the developing story, are making this a very interesting read.

    1. Thanks Trish. The idea is to make a story about people, who happen to be in space. It’s hard to do exposition on the technical stuff without writing a textbook, but without it you can’t appreciate what the people are going through. Let me know if something doesn’t ring true or if I’m spending too much time on tech stuff. K

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