“Human Enough” Published

My new novel is published on Amazon; see the links widget on the upper-right of this page.  It’s available in both Kindle and paperback format.  I ordered some paperback copies of Love and Other Metals and was pleased with the quality.

A quick word about “New America”, the space colony in which part of Human Enough takes place.  It’s loosely based on the “Island One” concept by Gerard O’Neill, as described in his book The High Frontier.  (Dr. O’Neill was a big thinker and Princeton professor; his concepts made a big splash back in the 1970’s when his book was first published.)

New America features a very large (~2 KM diameter) habitation ring that could, according to O’Neill, house up to 10,000 people.  In his book, he envisions its construction from Earth-based materials, which would be incredibly expensive.  However, it seems obvious that using materials from the Moon would greatly reduce the cost.  Building such a mega-structure would be a huge effort, but perhaps once we really establish a beachhead on the Moon it might not seem so outlandish.  In the words of rocket pioneer Robert Goddard, “It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.”

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