Human Enough: Spaceship Shoot Down

Hello Again!  I’ve been taking time off from blogging to learn and to write.  I used excerpts from my new novel for submissions to a writing workshop at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver,  I am so lucky to be in a town that has so much accessible talent.  I learned a whole bunch and I hope my writing is that much better.  I’m going to call the new book Human Enough.

Chapter 1 is posted.  I’ll be posting the new chapters under the menu “Human Enough” which you will see on the upper right of the main web page.  Just go to the “Human Enough” menu and pull down to get to the new stuff.

This book is a sequel to Love and Other Metals.  Human Enough takes place in the same fictional universe as Love and Other Metals, with Straker Yuuta as the protagonist.  He’s a couple years older and wiser.  During the book, some dreams come true for him, and others turn sour.  What’s the first chapter about?  Well, I’ll give you a randomly chosen sentence: “AAAHH WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!”  So give it a look and let me know how Chapter 1 strikes you.

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